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Water is a natural substance that exists everywhere around us .The human body is approximately 60 % water in adult males and 70 % in adult females. To regulate human body so that it keeps

functioning properly, an adequate intake of pure and hygienic drinking water is of absolute importance in our daily lives. Pure drinking water is considered the best gift from nature.Unfortunatley over the decades the water is contaminated due to poor water management and other global industrial activities; henceforth access to pure drinking water has become merely impossible.
Oxi water introduces you safe and healthy pure drinking water.bottled_water_toxins We feel excited to help people in creating ease for the availability of pure drinking water.Nutrition, quality, taste and convenience are the keystones of our product. At Oxi water we strive to make lasting and positive impressions on the people and community we operate. We are committed to share the responsibility under which conditions our products are manufactured and we are continuously trying to deliver value to our customers. We at Oxi water ensure that linkages with our clients are not only nurtured to exceed expectation level but also keep evolving to higher levels of performance over time.
Nonetheless we are committed to serve individual customers as per their respective needs and provide customized solutions that best suits their needs ,however a brief tariff is as under;